San Francisco Shock drop three Overwatch League players— iddqd, dhaK, and nomy

San Francisco Shock finished ninth overall in season one.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

Three former Overwatch League players are teamless after being released from San Francisco Shock. The NRG Esports-owned organization parted ways with André “iddqd” Dahlström, David “nomy” Ramirez, and Daniel “dhaK” Martínez Paz on Aug. 22.

“Today we say goodbye to three amazing players and friends, nomy, dhaK, [and] iddqd, who made history with us this year in the Overwatch League,” San Francisco Shock wrote on Twitter. “We can’t thank them enough for everything they have done for us and wish them the best in their future endeavors.”

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The team also posted a short video celebrating the time the three players spent with the organization. NRG Esports CEO Andy Miller followed up the tweet, noting that all three players were let go “early” to give them enough time to find new teams. “If they don’t [find new teams], they are always welcome to stay on the Shock stream team,” Miller wrote.

Both nomy and dhak played consistently on the San Francisco team—on main tank and support, respectively—but iddqd remained benched for most of the Overwatch League’s inaugural season. Iddqd made one appearance during the season’s fourth stage, where he played Widowmaker for just over five minutes.

The Overwatch League’s trade window opened for current teams on Aug. 1. Players are able to negotiate with current teams, either extending contracts or moving to another organization. Overwatch Contenders players can also be picked up during this period. Come Sept. 9, the Overwatch League’s free agency window will open. Any current Overwatch League player without a new contract will officially become a free agent, signable to Overwatch League expansion teams until Oct. 7.

On Oct. 8, unsigned players will be able to negotiate with all Overwatch League teams. All teams must have at least eight players by the beginning of December.


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