Rogue is the first international team confirmed for OGN Overwatch APEX

The all French lineup will return to South Korea this month.

Screengrab via OGN Global

Coming off a win in the April Overwatch Monthly Melee, Rogue has announced its Overwatch team will head to South Korea to compete in the third season of OGN’s Overwatch APEX.

“Rogue Overwatch is taking on Korea again,” the organization said in a tweet. “We’re proud to announce we’ve accepted an invite to OGN Global’s APEX season three.”

The fully French roster—currently living in a team house in Las Vegas, Nevada—will take on the best Korean Overwatch teams in the tournament series. But it’s not the first time they’ve traveled to Korea to compete: Rogue participated in Overwatch APEX’s first season, where they fell just short of breaking into the top five.

During their first go-around, Rogue fell to North American esports organization Team EnVyUs in the playoffs. The second international Overwatch team to be invited to the Korean tournament has yet to be confirmed, but Rogue won’t have to worry about it being EnVyUs. EnVyUs coach Kyle Souder confirmed to Dot Esports that the team won’t travel to Korea for the tournament’s third season.

Rogue’s invite is no fluke, and AKM’s Pharah is a big part of their resumé.

“EnVyUs was invited, but we had already made other commitments in the coming months before the invite was received,” Souder said. “It was always uncertain when the third season would be, or if there would be a third season, so it just ended up not working out in our schedule. We wish both teams the best of luck.”

An unconfirmed report suggests that NRG will join Rogue as the second international Overwatch team heading to Korea to compete. A confirmation on the second international team participating in the tournament is expected soon, given the tournament’s quickly approaching start date.

Overwatch APEX season three begins April 28.