Roadhog Volleyball is Overwatch’s funniest new custom game

Bounce the big boy around.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s most rotund character has become the subject of a new custom game mode, and the result is both ridiculous and hilarious.

Introducing Roadhog Volleyball. Redditor “33see” posted this gif of the custom game mode that features two teams of two Lucios, a Reinhardt, and one very round Roadhog. Check it out.

Gif via 33see on Reddit

The concept is simple. Reinhardt stands in the middle and acts as the net, while the two teams of Lucios stand on each side and use their Soundwave ability to “boop” Roadhog back and forth over the net just like you would in volleyball.

The Overwatch community has concocted a lot of very fun and unique game modes, but none are more ridiculous than this. Just watch that gif of four DJs on rollerblades bouncing a fat guy high into the air—it’s a ton of fun.

With the game’s customizable settings in custom lobbies, you can personalize everything from the ability cooldowns to the health pool of each individual hero. This game mode will probably work best with short cooldowns for Lucio’s Soundwave and Roadhog’s self-healing abilities, as well as a much higher health pool for the big guy.

All that’s left is to pick a symmetrical map (the Arena maps are great for this) and customize the settings to your liking. Get out there and bump, set, and spike Overwatch’s not-so-friendly neighborhood fat guy.