Overwatch hero Roadhog’s hook can do some serious damage in real life

Watch professional blacksmiths forge Roadhog's hook.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Man At Arms: Reforged, a team of professional blacksmiths, have taken Overwatch prop-building to the next level, creating Roadhog’s hook out of forged steel.

The process is intense. There’s steel, fire, and a whole lot of machinery. Using their metalworking expertise, the team turns a steel pole into a brutal hook designed for only the finest swine. The blazing hot steel is bent to create the sharp angles of Roadhog’s hook—the forge is used to create the general shape, while a smaller torch is used to perfect its sharp bends.

Sanding wheels of varying sizes are then used to clean up the steel, creating smooth and shiny edges. The shop even included the hook’s HOG-branded spikes. The whole process is detailed in AWE me’s 11 minute video.

Of course, we get to see the chain hook in action, too—and it’s deadly. The team smashes up a variety of items, including soda bottles, coffee cups, flour bags, milk jugs, watermelons, and porcelain dogs. Sending this thing soaring at an enemy would really hurt, and we certainly don’t recommend it.

Man At Arms: Reforged has also forged Overwatch hero Genji’s sword—and it was just as cool as the chain hook. What’s next for the team? If they listen to the YouTube comments, it’s likely we’ll see Reinhardt’s hammer coming out of the forge.