Rialto could get a slight rework to adjust the defender’s advantage

Attackers only win 42.88 percent of the time, according to Jeff Kaplan.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Another Overwatch map could get a rework, according to game director Jeff Kaplan.

One of Overwatch’s newest maps, Rialto, is in line for a few slight adjustments, Kaplan wrote on the game’s forum. “In the past week, attackers win 42.88 percent,” Kaplan wrote. “We always try to balance toward a 50/50 win rate. We have some minor tweaks we can make to bring the map more in-line.”

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Rialto appears to favor the defending team, according to Kaplan’s data. Kaplan did say on the Overwatch forum post that the seven percent different isn’t too severe. “While it’s not perfect, it’s also not hugely out of line,” Kaplan wrote. Still, the team has been looking at adjusting the map “late last week and early this week.”

He didn’t note what sort of “minor tweaks” could fix Rialto’s map balance, nor did the Overwatch game director say when the adjustments could go up on the test server. Regardless it doesn’t sound like Blizzard will make major changes to the new Overwatch map, like they did with Horizon Lunar Colony.

Blizzard uploaded a major rework to Horizon Lunar Colony to Overwatch’s PTR in June, which was transferred over to the live server shortly after. Unlike Rialto, Horizon Lunar Colony favored the attacking team. Now, it appears to be more in-line with Blizzard’s 50/50 win-rate rule.

Blizzard will likely update fans when it’s getting closer to the Rialto re-work’s entrance on the Overwatch test server.