Detroit Renegades bring on a new Overwatch coach

Team Liquid's former coach has moved on to the Detroit-based organization.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

After placing at the top of their group in Overwatch Contenders, Detroit Renegades have decided to hire a full-time coach.

Former Team Liquid coach Alex “Aurace” Nguyen will join the Detroit Renegades as the Overwatch head coach. Despite only being part of the Overwatch scene for just over a year, Nguyen has experience across a breadth of esports titles, including Counter-Strike and League of Legends.

With Team Liquid, Nguyen reached second place at the North American Overwatch PIT tournament, and also helped the team earn a first place finish in their Overwatch Contenders group. Should both Team Liquid and Detroit Renegades win their quarterfinal matches in Overwatch Contenders, they’ll face off in the semifinals. Nguyen is confident in Renegades’ strengths, however. There are only two teams that Nguyen is looking out for, and neither is Team Liquid.

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“[Immortals and LG Evil] are probably our toughest opponents but I believe with out playoff bracket we should easily make the final and possibly take it all if we bring our A game,” Nguyen said in a statement.

With Nguyen on board, Detroit Renegades are looking for a first place finish in Overwatch Contenders. He’ll be on hand full-time in Detroit and “consistently able to influence the team every day,” Detroit Renegades Overwatch manager Cameron McAlees said. “I know that [Nguyen] had delivered results in the past with his experiences at Team Liquid, and I know that he’s an absolutely outstanding asset to the organization.”

Overwatch Contenders Season Zero continues July 1 and 2. The top eight North American teams—Team Liquid, FaZe Clan, LG Evil, EnVision, Immortals, FNRGFE, Detroit Renegades, and Kungarna—will head through the bracket on July 2 to determine a winner.