Reinhardt player strategically denies D.Va ultimate in Overwatch

When shields won't save the day, your own body might do the trick.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

One of the most frustrating things to deal with in Overwatch is D.Va’s ultimate, requiring players to either find cover or meet their untimely doom. This Reinhardt player, uncertain as to whether he’d be able to block the exploding mecha, took “saving the day” to the next level.

In Reddit user u/TFDMEH’s clip of them playing Reinhardt on Paris, quick-thinking allowed them to save the rest of their team from possibly losing the game. When the enemy D.Va threw her ultimate into the center of the second control point, u/TFDMEH reacted instinctively, charging the explosive back in the direction it came and denying D.Va any kills.

Normally, Reinhardt can block the explosion with his shield, protecting his allies that stand behind him. But in this position pushed up on the control point, the explosive would have flown right past him. Therefore, the Reinhardt player opted to instead charge it back toward the D.Va that sent it out, surrendering their own life in the process, though immediately seeing the results of their efforts by their teammates getting kills on other enemies.

Paris continues to be one of the more controversial maps in Overwatch due to the little space that attackers have on point A, while point B is wide open for defenders to be attacked in multiple corners. Abilities such as D.Va’s ultimate have the potential to completely turn around fights on maps such as these since there’s little room to find cover outside of allied shields.

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