Most of Reinhardt’s bugs are fixed in Overwatch, but one remains

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan gives an update on the tank hero.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch hero Reinhardt has had a rough month. He’s been very buggy, with issues surrounding his hammer swing and pin ability.

Many of the issues were tied to player latency—animation syncing was a huge problem there. Blizzard has struggled to correct the issues, but seems to have found fixes for almost everything. In a post from Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan on the game’s forum, the issues were addressed.

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Each of these issues should be fixed in a new Overwatch public test region patch going live this afternoon, if they weren’t already addressed in the last PTR patch.

  • Fire Strike hit box too small
  • Hammer swing issues caused by high network latency
  • Slow swing speed (Reinhardt’s swing speed has been increased by 10 percent on the PTR)
  • Animation cancelling bugs caused by high network latency
  • Fire Strike and Charge animation sync issues
  • Unreliable Charge pins

Regarding Reinhardt’s Charge ability, players were seeing that their Charges were only knocking heroes back instead of pinning them. As with many of the other issues, latency was a problem there. “Because Charge is a cone-based attack and latency is involved, there might be other issues that surface,” Kaplan said. “Providing us reproducible steps or video clips will help us if additional issues arise.”

Having Reinhardt’s Charge ability work as intended could act as a major buff to the hero.

Now, just one issue remains: Blizzard hasn’t been able to address an Earthshatter bug that misses certain targets under specific circumstances. Blizzard intends to fix this issue in an upcoming Overwatch patch, Kaplan wrote. No specific date was mentioned.