Reaper’s Code of Violence challenge to start in Overwatch on Feb. 22

It's about to get real edgy.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch is getting another hero-themed challenge this week—this time focusing on a hero often shrouded in the shadows who loves to litter the ground with tons of guns.

Reaper’s Code of Violence challenge will take place in Overwatch from Feb. 22 to March 8, according to an official post. The short teaser for this new challenge references Reaper’s unique reload animations, in which he throws his shotguns on the ground and pulls up more instead of reloading the ones he has on hand. The video shows piles of his guns in mounds near the final point of King’s Row.

Blizzard hasn’t specified what this event will reward players with, but keeping with the style of previous challenges, it’s likely to include a new Epic skin for Reaper and sprays matching this new cosmetic. Based on Overwatch‘s usual formula for challenges, the items should be available through playing multiple games and filling the progress bar that can be seen when accessing the various game modes.

Similar to other hero-based challenges, any new cosmetics Reaper receives during this short event will likely be unobtainable after the Code of Violence challenge concludes. Fans will gradually earn these rewards just by playing games, but wins offer more points towards completion. Whatever Reaper receives, however, will likely only be up for grabs between Feb. 22 and March 8 since no cosmetics from previous challenges have returned so far.

These challenges are also normally accompanied by special sprays earned by watching Overwatch streamers. Depending on how long players watch broadcasts with their Blizzard account tied to Twitch, they will receive different tiers of spray rewards based on the hero that got the spotlight for each challenge. Like the cosmetics earned from playing games, these sprays can only be earned during the event’s duration, and require linking a Blizzard account to Twitch.

Reaper’s Code of Violence challenge will start on Overwatch on Feb. 22. Players should expect more information by the time the event releases.