Reaper player bounces to new heights over unsuspecting Overwatch opponents

Take to the skies and rain havoc on your enemies.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

An update to Overwatch last year allowed Reaper to use his Shadow Step ability while in the air, slightly increasing his mobility and giving players more options when airborne. Depending on where this ability is used, Reaper can get behind his enemies without them ever noticing—sometimes leading to game-changing plays.

This Reaper player sought to take Shadow Step to the next level, combining it with the jump pad found at the Oasis city center. When timing Shadow Step perfectly with the jump pad boost, this player was able to elevate where the ability brought them to, acting as if they had teleported high into the air without any platforms present.

After getting themselves into the air above the enemy team, the Reaper player proceeded to use their ultimate, landing right onto their unsuspecting opponents. This resulted in a major reaction from their enemies, throwing out as many abilities as they could before they died, but ultimately being unable to fend off Reaper and their allies. The player also noted that any hero can perform this jump through the use of Symmetra’s Teleporter, but it is much harder to pull off than with Reaper. 

It does not appear that this trick is an exploit due to how impractical it is, but Reaper has long been a hero eyed by Blizzard for being able to teleport to unintended locations. If players want to replicate this trick with Reaper, their best bet would be creating a custom lobby on Oasis.