Random D.Va bug sends Overwatch players into stratosphere

It's an unfortunate bug but a lovely view.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
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A bug that’s been regularly reported by D.Va players since early on in Overwatch‘s history is once again popping up—and it seems as though it may be occurring more frequently.

Normally when D.Va’s mech reaches zero HP, she’s ejected from the machine and placed on the ground. But there’s a rare chance that upon ejecting from the mech, the player will instead fall from the skybox at a random location on the map.

A D.Va player recently captured this rare occurrence on Hanamura where they endured a brutal 23-second fall from the sky before respawning.

This bug has existed publicly for almost two years. Although it seems quite rare, the cause of the bug is probably difficult to pinpoint.

It’s most likely an intentional safeguard to keep D.Va from becoming trapped inside walls and floors when the server can’t decide on a correct location to eject her. Since the Overwatch team probably have little to no data on a bug as rare as this, it will most likely continue to exist on the live servers—unless it happens in an Overwatch League match to force an investigation into a fix.

There’s no known way to reproduce this bug and no conceivable benefit from triggering it. Overwatch players can just keep gaming and hope that this doesn’t happen to them in one of their ranked matches.