Even pro Overwatch players have a hard time dodging Oasis’ cars

Egyptian grandmother gets knocked into traffic by an angry gorilla.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A bustling metropolis, Overwatch’s Oasis is home to crowded streets that line the city’s outskirts.

No traffic guards or stop signs in sight, players are left to manage the steady stream of cars themselves. And most of the time, Oasis’ terrible drivers aren’t much of a problem—at least in professional Overwatch play. That wasn’t the case, however, in a match between Hong Kong Attitude and DeToNator.GOLD during the group stage of the Overwatch Pacific Championship in Taipei, Taiwan.

Thrashing into Hong Kong Attitude’s back line, DeToNator.GOLD’s Winston player singles out the enemy Ana, knocking her past the capture point and dangerously close to Oasis’ speeding cars.

Three swats from Winston’s massive hands aren’t enough to kill Hong Kong Attitude’s Ana player—but being run over by a blue sports car certainly is. Looks like Overwatch’s bad-ass grandma actually does need help crossing the road.

In pushing Ana into oncoming traffic, however, DeToNator.GOLD’s Winston just narrowly misses being swiped by a car himself. But this time, the risk paid off. Winston made it back to the point, helping his team flip it in their favor.

Though they were able to nab the point there, DeToNator.GOLD was not able to win any of its matches against Hong Kong Attitude on April 14. With the win, Hong Kong Attitude remains undefeated in the Overwatch Pacific Championship. Tournament play continues tomorrow.