Philly Fusion will hold a local tournament to fill their last Contenders team slot

The team is looking for a "hometown hero."

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

One Philadelphia-based Overwatch player will get a huge opportunity with the city’s Overwatch League franchise—the chance to join the team’s academy squad.

The organization has held one spot on their academy roster to fill with a local player. Come Feb. 17, Overwatch players local to the “greater Philadelphia area” will be able to compete for that empty spot. Philadelphia Fusion’s Overwatch Contenders team will be on hand to watch, as well as the Fusion staff.

Tournament play will be held round-robin style with the winner receiving a contract offer from Philadelphia’s academy team. Players will be split into teams determined by the Fusion staff for the tournament held at N3rd Street Gamers’ Localhost Arena in Philadelphia.

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A team doesn’t move on in the tournament by their wins or loses, though. Instead, Fusion staff will merge the two teams that face off to form a new, stronger team that moves on in the tournament until there is just one team left. From there, the team will face the Philadelphia Contenders team, and one player will be selected and offered a contract.

Players must have an Overwatch account in good standing with Blizzard, and be over the age of 13 by Feb. 14. Those under the age of 18 must bring a parent or legal guardian along with them. Full rules are available on the Philadelphia Fusion website.

Philadelphia Fusion announced its academy roster on Jan. 29, debuting its impressive roster of young players. Not only is the roster made up of talented North American players, but Philadelphia also nabbed two of South Korea’s stars—former Lunatic-Hai players Seung “WhoRU” Jun-lee and Kim “Alarm” Kyeong Bo.

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