PENTA Sports Picks Up toca

PENTA Sports picked up a new main tank.

PENTA Sports made an addition to their European squad, after their flex support, Sebastian “BALLOC” Berendt, announced via Twitter earlier today that they have picked up Danish player Mathias “toca” Maegaard. Toca will be taking the role as the main tank, as he is most known for his Zarya. Toca’s previous teams were Team EndPoint and Synoptic.

PENTA Sports hasn’t been seen too much in the scene, except for an appearance in DreamHack Winter 2016 and The Gauntlet Overwatch Cup #2. In both of these events, they didn’t place too favorably. At DreamHack Winter, they placed top-six and at The Gauntlet Cup, they placed top-eight.

Clearly, Toca seems excited to be on this new team.

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