Paris Eternal cancels upcoming Overwatch League homestand

The host venue canceled all events with over 1,000 people through April 15.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment
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Another Overwatch League event has fallen victim to the rising global concern over COVID-19. The Paris Eternal confirmed today that its homestand scheduled for April 11 and 12 has been canceled.

A few days ago, France issued a nationwide ban on all public gatherings that exceed 1,000 people in response to the coronavirus outbreak occurring in the country and across Europe—there are over 1,000 coronavirus cases in France at the moment.

Due to this ban, Zénith Paris—the venue of Paris Eternal’s upcoming homestand—canceled or postponed all events taking place at the arena until Wednesday, April 15. This includes the Eternal’s home games, forcing the Overwatch League team to cancel the event entirely.

This isn’t the only homestand that’s been affected by the coronavirus, though. Homestands for all Chinese-based Overwatch teams were canceled early in the year, and soon after, Seoul Dynasty’s homestand was canceled after the disease began to spread into the country.

It’s unknown if there will be replacement dates for Paris’ missed homestand in France or if it’ll be rescheduled and relocated in the coming weeks. But the team said it’ll be coming back to give its fans all the information they need.

We’re six weeks into the 2020 Overwatch League season and Blizzard will have to make some big decisions in the coming weeks. The company has to be wary of other homestands in cities across the U.S. since coronavirus cases have started to rise in the country as well.