Overwatch voice actor dance party expands to include the majority of the cast

From coast to coast and across the globe, they can't stop dancin'.

Screengrab via sweeetanj/YouTube

Those sassy Overwatch voice actors are at it again, and this time they’ve brought more of their friends.

After a short Twitter video showing some of the cast imitating their characters’ dance emotes was posted earlier in the week, a full-length video has now been uploaded to Symmetra voice actor Anjali Bhimani’s YouTube channel. The emotes were added to Overwatch as part of its Anniversary event.

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Joining the original six dancers (Roadhog voice actor Josh Petersdorf, Torbjörn voice actor Keith Silverstein, Genji voice actor Gaku Space, Zenyatta voice actor Feodor Chin, Lúcio voice actor Jonny Cruz, and Bhimani) is a whole bunch more of the cast, some of whom recorded their own videos, which were then compiled and added to the video.

Mercy voice actor Lucie Pohl, Sombra voice actor Carolina Ravassa, and Pharah voice actor Jen Cohn all join Bhimani to show off their moves in the middle of a street in Manhattan. Then, the rest are joined by Winston voice actor Crispin Freeman, D.Va voice actor Charlet Chung, and McCree voice actor Matthew Mercer.

After that, the video goes global, as Mei voice actor Zhang Yu, Widowmaker voice actor Chloe Hollings, Orisa voice actor Cherrelle Skeete, and Tracer voice actor Cara Theobold all join in from outside of the United States. We especially enjoy Skeete’s two-legged rendition of her four-legged character’s dance.

Bhimani, Pohl, and Ravassa often post videos to their YouTube channels highlighting their adventures together, and it seems like a lot of the cast are great friends outside of the recording booth.

In total, 15 of the game’s 24 voice-acted heroes participate in this cute video, in celebration of Overwatch’s one year anniversary. That’s not a bad participation rate.

Sadly, Blizzard has announced that the emotes in the game will remain exclusive to the anniversary event, and will be unavailable for unlock once the event comes to an end on June 12. Thankfully, we have this cute video as a consolation prize.

For a lot of voice actors, working in a video game can be just another job. It’s clear for Overwatch’s cast, however, that they truly enjoy the world they helped create, and each other’s company as well.