McCree buffed, new social features added as part of Overwatch’s Symmetra patch

Doomfist, Orisa, and Horizon Lunar Colony have received updates, too.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The big draw for today’s Overwatch patch is the massive Symmetra rework, but there’s more to the update.

Blizzard’s huge test server patch has been uploaded to Overwatch’s live server and is now available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The update changed Symmetra from support to a broader damage class, added new social features, and updated more Overwatch heroes and a map.

Horizon Lunar Colony’s update is one of the biggest changes included in the patch, save the Symmetra rework. Blizzard decided to change the map as it often felt unbalanced. Art and lore have changed, too. Here’s a rundown, straight from Blizzard.

Horizon Lunar Colony

Point A

  • Added a staircase on the right when exiting the hydroponics room
  • Removed the door to the lower room on the right
  • Removed the small wall on the catwalk above Point A
  • Added some cover walls to the catwalk area
  • Moved the door next to the staircase that led to Winston’s room
  • The door is now on the side of the wall in the training pit
  • Moved the large health pack to the back of the room
  • Removed some clutter in the upper left computer room

Hydroponics Room

  • Switched the positions of the large and small health pack
  • Changed some of the hydroponic plant cover on the right side

Point B

  • Defender spawn room exits moved from the front to the sides out of direct line of fire
  • Small rooms added at spawn room exits
  • Additional cover added near the spawn room exits
  • Added a route and larger platform leading to the back right corner
  • Raised the platform to the same height as the attackers’ platform on the opposite side of the point
  • The location of the old defender exit is now an alcove with a small health pack
  • Both teams can still pass behind the point, but there is now a cut-through in the middle of the wall for better access.
  • The area above the window overlooking the point is now covered
  • A large platform with cover has been attached to the left side of the catwalk
  • The upper platform for the attackers has been reduced
  • The doorway leading to the platform is slightly smaller

Hero changes

Hero changes are less extensive. Doomfist’s Meteor Strike got a bonus movement speed increase from 150 percent to 200 percent. His passive ability, The Best Defense…, got a shield gain increase from 30 to 35. “The increased movement speed on Meteor Strike gives Doomfist new options in how and where to deploy it,” Blizzard wrote in the patch notes. “His passive is also being increased, allowing him to survive more often when diving into enemies.”

For Orisa, the patch brought a simple buff. Orisa’s ultimate has decreased 15 percent in cost. She’ll be able to build up to the Supercharger ultimate a bit quicker than before. McCree’s Deadeye also had its range increased from 70 meters to 200 meters.

Social features

Two social features are new to Overwatch, Endorsements and Looking for Group. Endorsements are designed for players to reward each other for good behavior. Blizzard wants to do more than just punish players for being bad; this is a start. “Recognize commendable behavior for sportsmanship, being a good teammate, or for shot calling,” Blizzard wrote in the patch notes. Endorsements are viewable on the Career Profile menu or the Groups menu. Players that maintain high endorsements levels will earn rewards.

Looking for Group will help players find better teammates to play with, ones that want to play similarly. “Join a team of other like-minded players or lead a group of your own by creating a group with your personal preferences such as game mode, role enforcement, and more,” Blizzard wrote. Players can also assign themselves a role using Looking for Group. The feature will then fill in roles with other teams.

Specifications chosen for the Looking for Group feature will be activated in Overwatch matches, so if you designated roles, those will be enforced. (Players who choose support in role queue will be restricted to only support heroes, for example.)

These changes are a long time coming—fans have been waiting on some of these features for months. With the update out now, players are hoping Overwatch will be changed for the better.