21 June 2018 - 13:34

"Significant" Sombra changes coming with Overwatch's July patch

The adjustments could hit the PTR next week.
Overwatch Staff Reporter
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Another Overwatch hero is getting a buff.

Overwatch developer Jeff Kaplan posted to the game's forum to clue fans in on a "significant" change coming to Sombra. "We have changes going in for Sombra for the July patch," Kaplan wrote. "Most likely, the changes will show up on the PTR sometime next week or soon after that. They are pretty significant."

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Kaplan declined to address exactly what the changes are—he said they are "still in flux." But playtesting has "gone well," he added, and the team is eager to get the improved Sombra up in Overwatch.

Sombra, Overwatch's Mexican hacker, is in a weird place. She's been nerfed and buffed, nerfed and buffed—the Overwatch team just can't get her right. Sombra was once a super strong DPS hero that could be played with support in mind. But her usefulness there was nerfed in February. That update was intended as a buff to her Hack ability. Sombra got nerfed once again in March, which forced Sombra players to be more choosy with their Hack targets.

The other big issue is that she's got a lot of bugs, including bugs with her Translocator and bugs with her Hack ability. Kaplan didn't address whether these were targeted in Sombra's upcoming adjustments.

Meanwhile, Overwatch fans are also eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Symmetra, a former support hero that just got a massive rework on the test server. Almost everything about Symmetra's been reworked in some way. She's expected to make her way over to the live game soon.

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