Overwatch is back in the top 3 games at South Korean PC bangs

League of Legends is at the top, though.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

League of Legends is back on top at South Korea’s PC bangs. Overwatch’s seen a resurgence, too—but PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is dipping, according to data site Gametrics.

When FIFA Online 4 released nearly a month ago, Overwatch dropped a spot to fourth. But after the hype of the game died down, Overwatch has retaken its third place slot with a play percentage of 9.84 percent. (The number is pretty good for Overwatch; typically the game hovers around eight or nine percent.)

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Game usage across South Korean PC bangs is tracked using data collected from businesses. Beyond the numbers, there’s no context for the data. We don’t know exactly why the game has risen, but we can speculate that the hype of a newly released game—FIFA Online 4—dying down has something to do with Overwatch moving back up. Another consideration is the release of Overwatch’s 28th hero, Wrecking Ball (also known as Hammond). He’s only on the test server now, but he’s made a big splash with Overwatch fans dying to try him ASAP.

Likewise, we’ve seen a decrease in play-time for PUBG. For over 30 weeks, PUBG has pushed League of Legends into second place.

But PUBG is back in second, dropping to 21.56 percent, while League of Legends pushed back up with 29.28 percent. It’s hard to say why players have left PUBG in droves, enough to let League of Legends back on top. But Fortnite’s increased popularity could play a part in that, as well as some recent League of Legends patches that changed the game.

Whatever the reason, League of Legends is back on top. It feels unlikely that Overwatch will overtake PUBG—the gap is massive—but Blizzard’s likely happy to see its FPS back in the top three.