11 July 2018 - 17:51

One of Hammond's legendary skins will be revealed tomorrow

Two concept artists will reveal the new hero's first legendary skin through a live drawing.
Overwatch Staff Reporter
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch fans will get a peek at Hammond's first legendary skin during a live stream tomorrow.

Blizzard announced on Twitter that Overwatch concept artists Arnold Tsang and Ben Zhang will be showing off a legendary Hammond—also known as Wrecking Ball—skin through a live drawing stream. The artists will also "share some artistic insights" on the 28th Overwatch hero, the game's community manager Josh Engen said.

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A question and answer session will also be held. Blizzard is collecting questions on the Overwatch forum.

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Hammond, Overwatch's genetically modified hamster, was added to the game's test server on June 28. He's gotten a few nerfs since then, but the idea remains consistent: he's a large hamster that pilots a mechanized hamster ball. Like Winston, Hammond lived on the moon, but escaped during the primate insurrection. Hammond's escape pod detached from Winston's, and Hammond crash-landed in the Australian outback, where become a prize-winning fighter—somehow without revealing he's a hamster.

He's been playable on the Overwatch PTR for nearly two weeks, and fans are eager for him to make his way over to the live game. But the skin reveal suggests we're still at least a week away from his official entrance into Overwatch.

Tomorrow's live stream will be the first glimpse of Hammond's skins, and Overwatch fans are itching to see what weird concepts the Blizzard team has come up with.

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