Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event is here

Happy Halloween!

Pumpkins have been carefully placed across a few of Overwatch’s maps. Spiderwebs creep across walls. Wrecking Ball’s got a creepy—too creepy—new look. You know what that means. Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event has finally begun.

Arguably one of the best Overwatch seasonal events of the year, Halloween Terror brings not only spooky new skins, but the return of Junkenstein’s Revenge. The player-vs-environment brawl pits a team of four players against hordes of omnic zombies. There’s little more satisfying in Overwatch than clicking zombie heads as they roll in, wave after wave, to crash against the castle’s door. As Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan mentioned in a Developer’s Update posted last month, annual seasonal events aren’t changing much either. For Halloween Terror, this just means two new heroes.

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In the lead-up to Halloween Terror, Blizzard revealed a bunch of new cosmetics that are now available for Overwatch fans. You can try your luck with unlocking the new skins in the Halloween Terror loot boxes, or purchase them outright using Overwatch credits. Legendary skins from this year cost 3,000 credits. If you haven’t saved up, you’re going to have to play the luck game.

With the new skins, there are also a few new Halloween sprays, emotes, and highlight intros—all of which are available in the Halloween Terror loot boxes, too. But beyond the Halloween stuff, Blizzard also included a number of hero changes, including a major rework for Torbjörn. Pharah, too, will look pretty different when you log on today. Minor changes were added to Brigitte, Soldier: 76, and McCree as well.

Overwatch’s spooky Halloween event will keep running through Oct. 31, the holiday itself. After that, all the Halloween spirit will be stuffed back into the vault until next year’s seasonal event rolls along.