Overwatch’s Brigitte can accidentally cause her teammates to die

It's due to a bugged interaction with Sigma’s ultimate.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Ultimate abilities are game-changers in Overwatch, which is why support players try to counter them and save as many of their teammates as they can. But a bugged interaction between Brigitte’s armor pack and Sigma’s Gravitic Flux may have the opposite effect—being healed by Brigitte during the ultimate can make you more likely to die.

The glitch happens because of a miscalculation on the game’s end. Brigitte’s repair pack gives the player a 120 HP heal over time. If the target has less than 120 HP missing, the leftover healing is converted into up to 75 armor.

Sigma’s Gravitic Flux, on the other hand, causes flat 50 HP damage upon activation. It lifts the enemies and slams its victims to the ground, inflicting 50 percent of their max health as damage.

If a character is healed by Brigitte before being slammed to the ground, the game adds the 75 armor from the repair pack into the max health calculations, regardless if it was received by the player.

When Sigma uses his ultimate, a 200 HP hero would take 50 damage from the initial attack, plus half of their max health as part of the slam, for a total of 150 points of damage. While being healed by Brigitte, however, the max health calculations take into account the 75 armor that could potentially be obtained and cause the ultimate to inflict 187 damage instead.

The bugged interaction hurts Brigitte’s gameplay. Sigma is ubiquitous in the current double-shield meta and this oversight can put Brigitte at a large disadvantage.