Overwatch’s 2021 Lunar New Year event, Year of the Ox, begins Feb. 4

It's a celebration.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s annual Lunar New Year seasonal event returns this week and it’s called Year of the Ox.

The short video, posted by Overwatch on Twitter today, teases a new highlight intro for D.Va where she launches her MEKA and snaps her fingers in time with the explosion to create some cool New Year fireworks.

Last year’s event, Year of the Rat, added four Legendary skins and three Epic skins, two new emotes, and a highlight intro, so something similar is expected.

Along with whatever new cosmetics will be added, the seasonal event will also allow players to unlock previous Lunar New Year items. In total, that’s 34 skins from previous yearly events on top of the new stuff.

Year of the Ox will also likely see the return of Capture the Flag as a limited-time arcade mode. Mode-specific versions of existing maps, like Lijiang Tower, are a part of the classic mode.

Overwatch’s Year of the Ox will run from Feb. 4 to 25.