Overwatch’s 2020 Winter Wonderland event kicks off Dec. 15

Get ready to deck the halls.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Festive cheer will spring up once again in Overwatch as the game’s annual Winter Wonderland event returns Dec. 15.

A teaser shared on the European Overwatch Twitter account revealed this year’s event alongside what appears to be a new highlight intro for Mei, featuring her trusty robot companion Snowball hovering over a nest of eggs. This teaser takes place in Ecopoint: Antarctica, which once again will be decorated for the holiday season and will likely feature the return of “Mei’s Snowball Offensive,” where players take control of Mei to battle one another in a fast-paced snowball fight.

Snowball seems to resemble a penguin in this highlight intro, so we could possibly be expecting a new penguin-themed skin for Mei, though no other features of the event have been revealed thus far.

Prior Winter Wonderland events have featured skins for popular heroes such as Tracer, Winston, and McCree, as well as new emotes, voice lines, and highlight intros. We are likely to also see the return of the game mode “Yeti Hunter,” in which a player takes control of Winston in his yeti skin and attempts to steal meat located around the map while six other players take control of Mei and attempt to put a stop to the rampaging gorilla scientist.

Overwatch’s 2020 Winter Wonderland event will last until Jan. 5 and will feature new accessories as well as returning ones from previous years. Make sure to grind those coins and loot boxes; once the event is over, you won’t be able to grab these cosmetic items for a while.