Overwatch World Cup Voting is Now Open

Overwatch World Cup voting is now open, who will you be voting for?

One week ago, Blizzard announced the Overwatch World Cup that will beplayed out at BlizzCon this year.  The tournamentitself does not have a prize pool, but the players votedin will receive a paid trip to BlizzCon as well as an appearancebonus. The players that are up for vote are pro players, communityplayers and local players alike.

As for who gets to play, it willgo like this:

  1. OnAug. 11, players of Overwatch will vote on players from theirnations and regions to represent their team
  2. Aftervoting ends, players will play in online qualifiers. These will bebest-of-three, single-elimination online matches.
  3. Atthe end of the online qualifiers, there will be 16 teams left toattend BlizzCon. Out of those 16 teams, there will be six Europeanteams, six Asia-Pacific teams, and four from theAmericas.
  4. Outof the 16 teams, seven teams will automatically advance:United States, Canada, Brazil, China, South Korea, Australia, andNew Zealand.


The voting is now open, you willchoose players from whichever region your Battle.net account isregistered to. If you’re interested in voting for yourfavorite players, vote here. You can only vote in your region.You’re not allowed to vote for players in Europe if you arelocated in the United States, for example.

Who will you be voting for? Which teams do you want to win thequalifiers? Let us know in the comments and make sure tofollow us on Twitter, @GAMURScom, for live coverage and other esportscontent.