Overwatch World Cup Rosters Announced

A mixture of pro players and popular streamers make up the national teams set to face off at BlizzCon.

BlizzCon is no stranger to hosting big esports events for all ofBlizzard’s games, and Overwatch is no different in itsfirst year. After a few weeks of voting, the teams and rosters arefinalized. Squads will begin competing in September leading up tothe big show at BlizzCon in November. 

The teams are made up of four players voted in, and then twomore players picked by the team’s captain (the player with thehighest percentage of votes). Here are a few notable teams andnations:

Team USA

  • Seagull received 57% of the vote
  • Sterreceived 33% of the vote
  • Talespin received 31% of the vote
  • Adam received 30% of the vote
  • Gods (Captain’s Pick)
  • MESR (Captain’s Pick)


Team Sweden

  • Iddqd received 54% of the vote
  • Zave received 42% of the vote
  • Chipshajen received 38% of the vote
  • Zebbosai received 31% of the vote
  • Cocco (Captain’s Pick)
  • TivQ (Captain’s Pick)


Team France

  • AlphaCast received 56% of the vote
  • Mickalow received 37% of the vote
  • Kitty received 35% of the vote
  • DeGuN received 33% of the vote
  • KnOxXx (Captain’s Pick)
  • Kryw (Captain’s Pick)


Team China

  • iGFireRoy received 46% of the vote
  • iGiCELee received 45% of the vote
  • IGFireLinkin received 45% of the vote
  • IGFIREYjjPP received 39% of the vote
  • IGFireNai8 (Captain’s Pick)
  • iGFireTresor (Captain’s Pick)

    In total, 50 nations will be represented. Best-of-three,single-elimination online qualifiers begin in September with thetop-16 teams making it to BlizzCon. Of those 16 teams, six will befrom Europe, six from Asia region and four from theAmericas. The full, long list of teams playing at the event can be found here

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