The Overwatch World Cup is approaching—get ready with this hype video

It's the first in a four-part series.

BlizzCon is approaching, and with it comes the Overwatch World Cup.

To get players and fans hyped for the event, Blizzard released a video, 2017 Overwatch World Cup Group Stage Recap, as part of a four-part series leading into the event. Players are the big focus of the series: The video goes through the group stage, where teams qualified for a trip to California.

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Come Nov. 3 and 4, they’ll represent their countries on the biggest Overwatch stage. There’s major pressure to represent individual countries, especially as teams prepare to take on South Korea—the best of the best. It hasn’t been an easy road to the Overwatch World Cup thus far, but any team looking to take down South Korea faces an even larger challenge.

Eight teams—South Korea, United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, China, Australia, France, and Canada—will compete for the world championship title from Nov. 3 to 4 at BlizzCon. The video series is expected to continue as a lead-in to the Overwatch World Cup.

The journey to the Overwatch World Cup began in late March, but in just over a week, a champion will be determined.