Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event will return next week

A Hanzo skin from the comics is coming, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan says.

Overwatch will celebrate the holidays with its Winter Wonderland event, which returns on Dec. 12.

Players from across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC will all be able to jump into Overwatch’s wintery world next week. “There’s snow place like home,” Blizzard wrote in a tweet from the official Overwatch account.

New skins will come with the event, according to Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan. Hanzo will get a new skin from one of the Overwatch comics, Kaplan said. Junkrat and Roadhog will also get legendary skins in the Winter Wonderland event. A bunch of other heroes will get legendary skins, too, Kaplan said—but he didn’t want to say which.

Maps will get seasonal decorations. Hanamura and King’s Row will return, but Black Forest will also get a beautiful holiday display. Mei’s Snowball Offensive game mode will move to the Black Forest, but be available on Ecopoint: Antarctica still, too.

Blizzard is also adding a new playable event called Mei’s Yeti Hunt. “We really wanted to try something different and fun for this year’s event and it’s the idea of what we call a boss fight,” Kaplan said.

A team of five Meis will team up against a single Winston wearing a Yeti skin. Blizzard, yes—this mode sounds amazing. “I know a lot of you are thinking it sounds kind of ridiculous and kind of silly, and I’m here to tell you it absolutely is,” Kaplan said. “But the point of some of these seasonal brawls are just to be fun and light and refreshing for a period of time.”

Grab your hat and gloves, because Overwatch is about to get real chilly.