Overwatch Winter Premiere Recap

A recap of the first stage of the Overwatch Winter Premiere.

The first stage of the Winter Premiere is underway, and we will keep you updated on all the results and standings. The tournament started without FNATIC, who was replaced by FaZe Clan. The tournament favorite, Detroit Renegades, looked to perform well for the roster’s new organization. The first stage of the tournament consists of a round robin between the eight qualified teams.

Day one results:

Detroit Renegades 2-0 FaZe Clan

Luminosity Gaming 2-0 Citizen7

compLexity Gaming 2-1 Kungarna

Immortals 2-1 Team Liquid

Day two results: 

Detroit Renegades 2-0 Citizen7

FaZe Clan 2-1 compLexity Gaming 

Immortals 2-1 Luminosity Gaming

Kungarna 2-0 Team Liquid

Day three results: 

Detroit Renegades 2-0 CompLexity Gaming

immortals 2-0 Citizen7

Team Liquid 2-0 FaZe Clan

Luminosity 2-1 Kungarna

Detroit Renegades 2-0 Luminosity Gaming

Current standings: 

  1. Detroit Renegades (4-0) 
  2. Immortals (3-0)
  3. Luminosity Gaming (2-2)
  4. Kungarna (1-2)
  5. Team Liquid (1-2) 
  6. compLexity Gaming (1-2)
  7. FaZe Clan (1-2) 
  8. Citizen7 (0-3) 

After three days, Detroit Renegades and Immortals are undefeated and will face each other on day four in the match of the day. Elsewhere, the cluster of teams with a 1-2 record will look to enhance their chances of making the next stage.

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Photo credit: Blizzard