Overwatch Winter Premiere Phase Two Recap

It all comes down to this, one last day to see who qualifies for the LAN finals. Follow all the results and keep up with the standings right here.

The remaining six teams will battle it out over three days, with the top-four teams going to the LAN finals. Day one will see Detroit Renegades recover from a terrible finish to phase one, as they go up against Immortals, who finished phase one with a 6-1 record. Kungarna will look to continue their fine form from the second week of phase one that saw them finish second, when they go up against Luminosity Gaming and Team Liquid. Day one matches start at 3:30 p.m. PST and can be watched here.

Day one:

Immortals 2-1 Detroit Renegades 

compLexity Gaming 2-1 Team Liquid

Kungarna 2-0 Luminosity Gaming

compLexity Gaming 2-1 Immortals

Team Liquid 2-0 Kungarna 

compLexity Gaming was the big winner of day one, as they went 2-0, knocking off top team Immortals in the process. Meanwhile, Renegades continued to struggle, as they have now lost four in a row. Also, Kungarna dominated Luminosity, but then fell to Team Liquid.

Day two:

The story of day two will be if Detroit Renegades can regain composure and put a halt to their losing streak, as they will be playing two games today against Team Liquid and compLexity Gaming. However, the game of the day will be the top of the table clash between Kungarna and Immortals.

Team Liquid 2-1 Detroit Renegades

compLexity Gaming 2-0 Luminosity Gaming

Immortals 2-1 Kungarna

Luminosity Gaming 2-0 Team Liquid 

compLexity Gaming 2-1 Detroit Renegades

Immortals secured their spot in the finals by beating Kungarna, who has now lost two straight and have slipped back into the chasing pack. compLexity Gaming continues to be the best team this week; they have yet to lose in week two and are on the verge of securing a place in the finals. Detroit Renegades failed to pick up a win yet again and have seen their chances of making the finals slip away. They will need to win both games on day three and hope results go their way.

Final day:

Ahead of the final days action, we will run you down all the scenarios for teams to qualify for the LAN finals. It will be difficult for Renegades but still possible, and thanks to a fantastic second week compLexity Gaming have the best chance. Below you will find all playoff scenarios, however some points may change.

Playoff Scenarios

Detroit Renegades

Will only qualify if:

  • They WIN both games 
  • Luminosity LOSES both games 
  • Team Liquid or Kungarna LOSE their games 

Luminosity Gaming 

Will qualify if:

  • They beat Renegades 2-0 
  • Team Liquid LOSE their game by more than one map
  • They beat Immortals or LOSE to Immortals 2-1

Team Liquid 

Will qualify if:

  • They win and LG and Renegades fail to pick up a win


  • They win, LG beat Renegades but then lose 2-0 to Immortals


  • They win and Kungarna Lose both games


Will qualify if:

  • they win one of their games and LG fail to win both games 2-0


  • They lose both games and Liquid lose


compLexity and  Immortals are already heading to San Antonio for the finals.

Kungarna 2-0 compLexity Gaming

Luminosity Gaming 2-0 Renegades

Immortals 2-1 Team Liquid

Kungarna 2-1 Renegades

Immortals 2-0 Luminosity Gaming

Live standings

  1. Immortals (10-2) Qualified
  2. Kungarna (8-4) Qualified
  3. compLexity Gaming (7-5) Qualified
  4. Luminosity Gaming (6-6)  Qualified
  5. Team Liquid (6-6) Eliminated
  6. Renegades (4-8) Eliminated

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Photo credits: Blizzard