Overwatch will get a team deathmatch mode during the competitive offseason

Competitive season 12 ends on Oct. 28.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s 12th competitive season is ending on Oct. 28, but those seeking the thrill of competitive aren’t out of luck for the three days it’s offline. Blizzard is offering a four-on-four competitive deathmatch mode, with the first team to reach 30 kills winning.

The announcement comes by way of the Russian Overwatch forum. An announcement hasn’t been made in English just yet. On the forum, the Russian community manager wrote that it’ll be a way to keep players in competitive shape during the off-season. It’s not immediately clear whether the mode will last longer than the three-day offseason, or if it will stretch briefly into season 13. Overwatch’s 13th competitive season will begin on Oct. 31, according to the Russian post.

Awards for starting season 12 are the same as ever, with Blizzard offering sprays for completing their placement matches. Anyone that’s placed within the top 500 players in their region and platform will get an extra spray and player icon.

Season 12 was the first competitive season with Wrecking Ball, also known as Hammond. Overwatch’s Looking for Group feature also debuted alongside an extra slot for folks looking to avoid toxic players. A newly reworked Torbjörn also entered the competitive sphere late in the competitive season.

There are no known changes for next competitive season, but a number of hero changes are slated for this month and next—ones that will eventually make their way over to the live version of the game and change Overwatch’s meta once again.