Keep track of the Overwatch tournament scene on Twitch

The calendar is a small feature, but very helpful.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

There’s a new feature in Twitch’s Overwatch hub that’ll help esports fans keep track of tournaments—a calendar.

Sure, it’s simple, but it’s actually a very helpful tool for Overwatch fans. With lots of tournament dates on the horizon, it’s often a bit annoying to track down start times and broadcast channels. Twitch has eliminated any outside searching with the new events calendar right in the Overwatch game directory.

Screengrab via Twitch

The feature notes both live and upcoming events. Overwatch Contenders is the only tournament listed as upcoming right now, but the calendar lists the different dates and times for both the North American and European stages.

The events calendar is a “super early beta test” for events listed on game directories, a Twitch representative said on Reddit. Another feature of the calendar includes setting up individual reminders to be sent one hour before an event goes live. Keeping the calendar up to date will ultimately be up to tournament organizers, the Twitch representative said, but Twitch will do a bit of assisting.

With Blizzard and Twitch’s newly announced, two-year third-party streaming rights deal, it’s likely that Twitch will want to keep us in the loop for Blizzard-sanctioned tournaments. The partnership, announced yesterday, covers both OGN Overwatch Apex and Overwatch Premier Series—both of which are international tournaments that some North American and European fans could use a reminder for.

Individual streams can also display events on the calendar.