Learn some Overwatch tips from this cute, fan-made comic

It's the most adorable way to get better at Overwatch.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Want to get better at Overwatch? Take a look at artist and comic creator jebby’s adorable artwork.

Known as puptum on Twitter and Tumblr, jebby has been creating cute little guides to Overwatch tricks. Previous iterations handled ultimate tracking and cooldown management, but this time, jebby is tackling some lesser known tips.

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Image via [jebby](http://puptum.tumblr.com/post/165811492260/some-character-ability-interactions-in-overwatch) | Used with permission
Image via [jebby](http://puptum.tumblr.com/post/165811492260/some-character-ability-interactions-in-overwatch) | Used with permission

Jebby covers freeing Junkrat trap victims using Mei, getting baby D.Va back into her mech quicker, and saving teammates with a Zarya bubble. Say you’ve been stuck with Tracer’s Pulse Bomb and you don’t want to die. Quickly find your Zarya player and have her bubble you. It’ll get rid of the Pulse Bomb and save your life. But if you’re stuck when you’re already bubbled by Zarya, you’ll kill nearby heroes and save yourself. Whoops!

The comics are easily the cutest way to get better at Overwatch.

Her drawings make Overwatch concepts entertaining and easy to understand—perfect for all levels of play. See the whole comic on jebby’s Tumblr page.