Overwatch team wows commentators and viewers with creative Bastion-Symmetra strategy

It was quite an impressive strategy.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Bastion has been a pretty useful part of Overwatch‘s pro meta, from pirate ship compositions on Payload maps to bunker compositions on certain control point and assault maps. One team has figured out a unique way to use Bastion on the defense side of Volskaya Industries, though.

Battle Gold—a high school Overwatch team competing in the Ukatsu High School Esports League—sent out DPS player Jaden “Xaphan” Gallup on Bastion with Thaddius “Ryu” Branton’s Symmetra in order to outplay their opponents with a “rotating Bastion” combination.

By placing Symmetra’s teleporter directly underneath Bastion, Xaphan was able to effectively defend multiple angles and areas of the first point without having to leave his turret form. As a result, the opposing team could not defend themselves from both attack points and were wiped. It was a strategy that was praised by the commentators, saying that this type of combo was usually only seen in the Overwatch League.

Although this tactic may not work consistently, it is a strategy that could help surprise an unsuspecting opponent and could be a viable last-minute defense strategy if things are going wrong. Volskaya is also a great choice for this strat because of the various rooftops and vantage points that Symmetra and Bastion could use.

These types of strategies are what you love to see in competitive Overwatch—creative and flexible ways to change up the game’s meta and make things a lot more spicier for the rest of the teams in your league.