Team Liquid’s Overwatch team officially disbands as two players head into free agency

The Overwatch team has officially disbanded.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment, Team Liquid | Remix by William Copus

North American esports organization Team Liquid is letting go of its Overwatch roster.

In early August, Team Liquid made the decision to drop its Overwatch squad, according to an ESPN report. More than a month later, the organization has made a formal announcement of its departure from the scene.

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Former Team Liquid players Shane “rapha” Hendrixson, Tim “DaHanG” Fogarty, and Andrew “id_” Trulli will compete in Quake Champions, while Keven “azk” Lariviere will return to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Tank player Adam “MESR” De La Torre will enter into retirement.

“After much deliberation, I think it’s safe to say I’m going to be taking an indefinite time away from Overwatch,” MESR said in a statement. “This is not a conclusion I’ve come to recently, as I’ve thought about this many times in the past. To put it simply, I haven’t fully enjoyed playing Overwatch for a while now, and with that I think my passion for the game and the competitive aspects have slowly dwindled or faded away.”

Remaining Overwatch players Robert “shadder2k” Mocanu and Kim “Fury” Jun-ho will be released from the roster while Team Liquid plans their future in the game. “We are confident that they will be able to find new homes, and we wish them luck in their future,” Team Liquid said.

Team Liquid will apparently look into its options over the coming weeks and continue to release updates.