Overwatch streamer Kephrii signed to Overwatch Contenders Pacific division team

The North American player will join a Korean roster.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch streamer Brian “Kephrii” St. Pierre has joined a fully-Korean Contenders roster competing in the Pacific region.

Global Esports announced last night that Kephrii will join GE Pantheon KR for Overwatch Contenders Pacific’s third 2018 season. “We are looking forward to the Overwatch Contenders season three starting on Nov. 22,” Global Esports wrote in a YouTube video announcing the signing. GE Pantheon KR qualified for Contenders Pacific by competing in the Overwatch Open Division and later participating in Trials. The roster earned fourth in the season three Trials tournament.

Kephrii has very little competitive Overwatch experience, having competed briefly on multiple lower-tiered teams. He’s best known for his Overwatch Twitch stream where he plays most often as Widowmaker. Kephrii will move from Virginia to Seoul, South Korea to play with the team in the upcoming Contenders season, according to the Global Esports Twitter.

As the only English speaker in the all-Korean roster, Kephrii may face communication issues on the team. The highly-regarded Widowmaker player posted on Twitter that Global Esports’ coach is bilingual, however, which should help ease the transition.

“We discuss strats prior and so in-game I have a good understanding of what needs to be done and is expected,” Kephrii wrote. “From there, we both know a little of each others’ language to figure it out.”

Overwatch Contenders Pacific begins this month. Global Esports will have to contend with last years’ winner, Talon Esports, among other strong competitors in the Pacific region.