Overwatch Season 4 placement matches tarnished by Blizzard servers

Overwatch's fourth season seems to be getting off to a rocky start.

Image via Blizzard

Players looking to kick-start their fourth season of competitive Overwatch today were met with large server issues across the board.

A lot of players reported major issues where they were kicked from the game and were unable to rejoin, leading to suspensions on their accounts due to disconnection out of their control.

At the time of writing, Blizzard claims that all the issues have been fixed and the company released a statement on the Overwatch message boards here, but people are still being sceptical moving forward.

There has been no word yet if Blizzard plans to resolve strikes or suspensions due to the disconnects, or any information about the reasons behind why these issues happened in the first place.

When additional details are made available, more information will be added to this article.

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