Overwatch releases issue No. 4 of New Blood comic series

The journey to bring together a bigger Overwatch team brings Cassidy to Russia.

Image via Activision Blizzard

Overwatch’s expansive lore is continuing to grow in the New Blood comic series written by Ray Fawkes and illustrated by Irene Koh, highlighting Cole Cassidy’s journey to recruit more members to the Overwatch team.

In issue No. 4, now available online for free, the narrative shifts away from Cassidy, instead focusing heavily on another staple character in Overwatch, Zarya. Readers are immediately brought into the Russian Siberian tundra, where Zarya begins to reminisce on her past while actively taking a role in the Russian Defense Forces to fight the omnics. Zarya displays her steadfast nature and unwillingness to give up despite the circumstances, all out of her wish to save her home and avenge her family.

This latest issue follows Cassidy’s previous endeavors to recruit other recognizable heroes to Overwatch, including Ana, Pharah, and Baptiste. As Cassidy is unaccustomed to the harsh winter plaguing this environment, it becomes tantamount that he encourages Zarya to see that her skills would help even more people if she joins Overwatch. Though Zarya surprisingly welcomes Cassidy’s approach, the two quickly find themselves in the middle of yet another battle against the omnics invading Zarya’s home on the Siberian front.

Zarya sports a new look in this comic that has never been made available in any of her current skins in Overwatch, possibly indicating a new look for the tank hero coming soon via a skin or through Overwatch 2. The teaser at the end of this issue showcases a Null Sector attack on Busan, indicating that Cassidy’s journey will lead him to meet D.Va and the other members of the meka squad.

It’s unclear when the next issue of Overwatch: New Blood will be released. Fans craving more insight into Overwatch lore can indulge in the other issues of New Blood available on the official website, as well as other comic series and various cinematics also available that expand on the backstories of specific heroes.