Overwatch quietly added new Moira voice lines and interactions

The line where she roasts Hanzo is too good.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players and Moira fans have been blessed with the addition of new voice lines and interactions in the last few weeks.

Reddit user Spktra posted a video that compiles the three new interactions last week. All three happen between characters on the same team within one of the game’s spawn rooms before a match begins. The first is between Baptiste and Moira. Baptiste says, “Healing and hurting…I guess we’re not that different.” Moira huffs and responds with, “I assure you we are nothing alike.”

The next interaction is with Junkrat and Moira and is one of the longer exchanges in the game. Junkrat starts by saying, “You looking for a lab assistant? I’m great with chemicals,” to which Moira responds with, “Certainly. We would begin by testing your tolerance for pain.” “What’s pain have to do with science?” Junkrat asks, confused. “Everything, my strange little friend,” finishes Moira.

The final new interaction takes place between Hanzo and Moira, and it might just be the best of the three. Taking an accusatory tone, Hanzo tells Moira, “I have heard of your experiments. There is no honor in what you do.” Pretending to think for a moment, Moira responds with, “Shimada…where do I know that name from? Oh, that’s right. The family of criminals.”

This isn’t the first time Blizzard has added new interactions to its games without telling players. The company routinely adds new voice lines and other small content to keep the games fresh and interesting, even for longtime players. Some fans have commented that Moira’s new lines sound more sinister than ever, making many wonder if she’ll be more of an overt villain in Overwatch 2.