Overwatch PTR: Mercy is no longer able to Resurrect from spawn

The adjustment was patched in the Overwatch PTR build.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Mercy’s Resurrect has the power to change the tide of battle: By tapping Q, she’s able to bring fallen allies back to life in an instant.

Good players have learned how to counter Mercy’s Resurrect—track her ultimate status and kill her before she’s able to use it. It is possible to render her ultimate null just by taking her out of an important fight before she’s able to bring back her team. There’s a way around that, however, on certain Overwatch maps. Mercy is able to Resurrect from spawn rooms, meaning she’s less likely to get countered.

A stealth fix on the Overwatch public test region has removed that option, however.

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It’s a change the community has been asking for, as it was particularly troublesome on two-capture point maps and on Watchpoint: Gibraltar. Because the spawn rooms are so close to major fighting spots, Mercy was able to hide in spawn and Resurrect with minimal—or no—risk. The safe hallways that line the immediate areas right after the spawn room can be shot into, but enemy heroes can’t enter. In the spawn room itself, heroes are invulnerable.

Mercy can, of course, still use her Resurrect just steps outside of spawn areas—which means that enemy teams will just have to play around it. But we can all agree, it’s a lot more fair now that she can’t use her ultimate in an area that she’s not able to be countered.

Patch 1.13 is in testing on Overwatch’s PTR, testing out loot box, highlights, and crosshair changes. There’s no word on when this update will hit the live server, but we sure hope it’s soon. A Doomfist mention in the PTR’s crash notes jump started the Doomfist hype train, and we’re ready to keep it rolling.