Overwatch players are reporting lost connections to game servers

Blizzard says it's investigating the issue.

Image via Activision Blizzard

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Many Overwatch players in North America seem to be having issues with connecting to the game’s servers. The problem seems to be happening to multiple people on all platforms. Players are complaining that they’re losing connection to the game server and being unable to log into their accounts.

The issue started this morning. Players in Australia are reporting similar issues and many said this problem happened to them during ranked matches that led to their temporary suspension from the game mode. Players who can connect to the game say many others disconnected midway through their match.

Blizzard said it’s investigating the issue and that it’s also affecting World of Warcraft servers.

This connection issue doesn’t follow any public update or maintenance of game systems.

On the Overwatch forums, Blizzard asked players to run a traceroute to help them find out what might be causing the issue. Players who want to contribute to that should post their results in the main support thread on the forum.

Some players are reporting both on the forum and the Overwatch subreddit that the problem was happening for over three hours before Blizzard finally acknowledged it as a widespread issue. It’s unclear how long it can take for the servers to go back online with stability.