Overwatch player baits Hammond into highlight reel enviro-kill

The hamster went for a ride.

High Roller Hammond. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

There arew few things more satisfying in Overwatch than taking out an enemy Wrecking Ball comes close. Achieving a highlight reel play in the process is delicious icing on the cake.

One player managed to achieve both of these in an epic play shared to Reddit. While playing Roadhog, this Overwatch player had one idea in mind, and that was to take the Hamster to its doom. While they might not have been providing adequate offense to capture the point, the player did succeed in their goal.

D.Va and Hammond both charged in pursuit of Roadhog, causing the player to be flung back. As he began flying through the air, Chain Hook was used to take Hammond along for a ride.

With the perfect combination of strategy and luck, Roadhog landed safely on the map far away from where he had been flung. Hammond, dragged by the chain and without the momentum that Roadhog had acquired courtesy of the enemy heroes, was eliminated by falling off the map.

Things could have gotten ugly had it been D.Va to get pulled instead of the Wrecking Ball, but luckily everything went to plan.