Overwatch player attaches motor to their mouse to dominate as Mercy

This might be the biggest-brain Mercy play ever.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

One Overwatch player took efficiency to a new level by modifying their mouse to maximize their Mercy healing and damage-boost output.

Twitch streamer EvilToaster shared a clip from a recent stream where he played and chatted with the Mercy in question. When targeting teammates, the Mercy player appeared to be switching between healing and damage-boosting extremely fast, which initially made EvilToaster think that they were griefing. When he questioned them, the Mercy player explained that they were using a mouse with a free-moving scroll wheel. (The exact mouse in question is a Logitech G502.) Free-moving scroll wheels continue moving until they’re stopped by a user, which is different from the usual notch-based mice.

The Mercy player went on to explain that they had attached a small motor to the scroll wheel and could turn it off and on at will. They bound their healing and damage-boosting abilities to the mouse scroll, meaning that when the scroll wheel was moving, Mercy would switch between healing and damage-boosting so quickly that the target would receive both benefits. They also rigged a custom button to the side of the mouse to help control the effect. EvilToaster begged the Mercy to send them a picture of the modded mouse, but at time of writing, he hasn’t said whether they actually sent him photos.

Commenters called the ploy “delightfully broken,” with some asking whether it would be considered an exploit by Blizzard. One commenter said it reminded them of an old tweet of a Cassidy player using a magnifying glass taped to their monitor to aim better. Regardless of whether it’s really cheating or just good fun, we doubt EvilToaster will ever forget this match.


Emily Morrow
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