Overwatch player achieves the most troll backcap

If this happens to you, just go ahead and uninstall.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Many troll plays have been achieved by Wrecking Ball in Overwatch, but this might be the best one yet.

Reddit user Ozyrox captured the moment and shared it in a video. In the clip, they’re playing as Wrecking Ball on Numbani. The map famously has several back rooms, stairs, and corridors that players can use to flank around major chokepoints. With the payload stalled and the opposing team pushing them further and further back, Ozyrox decided to take matters into their own hands.

Bypassing the choke under the buildings, Ozyrox rolled to the payload and attached Wrecking Ball’s grapple to it. Because the enemy team was overextended in pushing Ozyrox’s team back, the only person near the payload was D.Va, who fruitlessly tried to bump Wrecking Ball off. Instead, Ozyrox started swinging around the payload, knocking D.Va back just far enough to move it forward to the finishing point. None of D.Va’s teammates ever showed up, making it an easy win for the rogue Wrecking Ball.

A few people in the comments pointed out that D.Va could have just sat on top of the payload instead of trying to poke Wrecking Ball off. Others responded by saying that based on the players’ levels, they were likely new to the game, so it was a miracle that D.Va came back to the payload at all. Either way, Ozyrox’s troll-level strats are a great example of why “spin to win” has become a common, if hated, phrase in the gaming world.