Overwatch on the Switch will reportedly run at 30 FPS and won’t feature crossplay or Amiibo support

Blizzard's popular competitive shooter is coming to Nintendo's console later this month.


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Blizzard has revealed some important details about the Nintendo Switch version of its popular FPS game.

Overwatch is headed to the Nintendo Switch in two weeks. And as the game’s release date nears, Blizzard is sharing more details about the Nintendo Switch version of Overwatch.

Overwatch will run at 900p docked and 720p undocked on the Switch, according to GameSpot. It’ll be locked at 30 FPS for both options. This is similar to how Overwatch runs on other consoles since the Xbox One and PS4 are locked at 30 FPS. 

The Nintendo Switch version of Overwatch also won’t have crossplay support. Blizzard has been vocal about this in the past, separating console and PC players since the start of its hit game. Because of the limitations each console has, namely locking the game at 30 FPS and aiming mechanics, PC players would have an advantage in a competitive environment. Console crossplay is a heavily-debated topic that ultimately is at the mercy of Sony and Microsoft.

Blizzard hinted at the use of motion controls to aim in the company’s initial announcement for the Nintendo Switch version of Overwatch. Aiming is difficult enough on normal consoles, but adding in motion controls and no crossplay support levels the playing field.

Finally, there will be no Amiibo support for Overwatch on Switch. Previous Switch versions of Blizzard games were released with related Amiibo items that unlocked loot and goodies within the title. Blizzard has no plans to do so with Overwatch. While there’s no Amiibo support, players who purchase and log in before Dec. 31 will receive a golden lootbox that guarantees at least one legendary item. 

Overwatch comes to the Switch on Oct. 15.