How to watch Overwatch Contenders in North America and Europe

Season one begins Aug. 19.

Sixteen professional Overwatch teams will fight for region glory when Overwatch Contenders Europe and North America kicks off on Aug. 19.

All the exciting play generated during season zero was only the qualifier. With two $100,000 prize pools on the line, all teams will be out for victory in season one. Each region pits eight teams against each other. In North America, those eight rosters are Team EnVyUs, Rogue, Immortals, FNRGFE, Kungarna, FaZe Clan, Detroit Renegades, and EnVision. In the European division Cloud9, eUnited, 123, Bazooka Puppiez, Singularity, Gigantti, Misfits, and GamersOrigin will compete.

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A six-week regular season will lead into offline events that will determine the season one winner. Information about those events will come soon, Blizzard said.

Broadcasts on Saturdays and Sundays will begin with the European region at 1pm ET. The North American matches will follow. Come week three, Blizzard will introduce Friday matches that alternate between each region. Friday broadcasts in North America will begin at 8pm ET, while the European Friday stream will begin at 12pm ET.

All matches will be streamed live on Overwatch’s Twitch channel. Here’s when you can watch.

Aug. 19

  • Misfits vs. Cloud9—1pm ET
  • Team Giangtti vs. eUnited—3pm ET
  • EnVyUs vs. Immortals 5:15pm ET
  • EnVision vs. Rogue—7:15pm ET

Aug. 20

  • Singularity vs. 123—1pm ET
  • GamersOrigin vs. Bazooka Puppiez—3pm ET
  • Kungarna vs. Detroit Renegades—5:15pm
  • FaZe Clan vs. FNRGFE—7:15pm

Aug. 26

  • 123 vs. Bazooka Puppiez—1pm ET
  • Singularity vs. GamersOrigin—3pm ET
  • Detroit Renegades vs. Rogue—5:15pm ET
  • Kungarna vs. FNRGFE—7:15pm ET

Aug. 27

  • eUnited vs. Cloud9—1pm ET
  • Misfits vs. Team Gigantti—3pm ET
  • EnVyUs vs. FaZe Clan—5:15pm ET
  • EnVision vs. Immortals—7:15pm ET

Sept. 1

  • Immortals vs. FaZe Clan—8pm ET
  • Detroit Renegades vs. EnVision—10pm ET

Sept. 2

  • 123 vs. eUnited—1pm ET
  • Bazooka Puppiez vs. Cloud9—3pm ET
  • FNRGFE vs. Rogue—5:15pm ET
  • Kungarna vs. EnVyUs—7:15pm ET

Sept. 3

  • Singularity vs. Misfits—1pm ET
  • GamersOrigin vs. eUnited—3pm ET
  • Kungarna vs. Immortals—5:15pm ET
  • Detroit Renegades vs. FaZe Clan—7:15 ET

Sept. 8

  • 123 vs. Team Gigantti—12pm ET
  • Singularity vs. Bazooka Puppiez—2pm ET

Sept. 9

  • Singularity vs. eUnited—1pm ET
  • Misfits vs. GamersOrigin—3pm ET
  • Detroit Renegades vs. EnVyUs—5:15pm
  • FaZe Clan vs. Rogue—7:15pm ET

Sept. 10

  • Misfits vs. Bazooka Puppiez—1pm ET
  • Team Gigantti vs. Cloud9—3pm ET
  • Kungarna vs. EnVision—5:15pm ET
  • Immortals vs. FNRGFE—7:15pm ET

Sept. 15

  • EnVyUs vs. FNRGFE—8pm ET
  • Kungarna vs. Rogue—10pm ET

Sept. 16

  • eUnited vs. Bazooka Puppiez—1pm ET
  • 123 vs. Misfits—3pm ET
  • EnVision vs. FNRGFE—5:15pm ET
  • Detroit Renegades vs. Immortals—7:15 pm ET

Sept. 17

  • GamersOrigin vs. Cloud9—1pm ET
  • Singularity vs. Team Gigantti—3pm ET
  • Kungarna vs. FaZe Clan—5:15pm ET
  • EnVision vs.EnVyUs—7:15pm ET

Sept. 22

  • 123 vs. Cloud9—12pm ET
  • Team Gigantti vs. Bazooka Puppiez—2pm ET

Sept. 23

  • GamersOrigin vs. Team Gigantti—1pm ET
  • Misfits vs. eUnited—3pm ET
  • EnVyUs vs. Rogue—5:15pm ET
  • EnVision vs. FaZe Clan—7:15pm ET

Sept. 24

  • 123 vs. GamersOrigin—1pm ET
  • Singularity vs. Cloud9—3pm ET
  • Detroit Renegades vs. FNRGFE—5:15pm ET
  • Immortals vs. Rogue—7:15pm ET

The offline playoffs and finals will be held from Oct. 7 to 8.