An Overwatch film is something Activision Blizzard wants to explore

A Call of Duty movie is already in the works.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Activision Blizzard could eventually move on from animated shorts to a full-length Overwatch movie.

Overwatch’s characters are a main draw for the game, and fans are already enamored by the world Blizzard has created. An Overwatch movie would be a dream come true for plenty of fans. And according to Activision Blizzard Consumer Products Group CEO Tim Kilpin, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. In fact, it’s something the company would “like very much,” Kilpin told MCVUK.

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“We’re a platform and a portfolio, these franchises exist across multiple platforms, so it’s not just the game as a driver, but it’s linear content [movies and TV] as a way to expand the audience and expand the opportunity and then esports, because pull all that together and you’re talking about franchises that are frankly like no other,” Kilpin said.

Speaking about the upcoming Call of Duty movie, Kilpin mentioned that the company takes movies based on its video game franchises very seriously. “If the script and the story isn’t right we won’t do it,” Kilpin said. “It’s not one of those situations where someone is saying ‘I don’t care just get it made!’ That’s not what’s happening. We do think that if it’s done well it has the opportunity to expand the base audience, beyond the traditional foundation that the game appeals to.”

Of course, it’s likely to be a very long time until we actually see an Overwatch film come into development. Blizzard is still working to push the story along via its animated shorts, digital comics, and in-game events.