You can now send Overwatch loot boxes to your friends

It's part of Blizzard's new social features.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Had a few good games with your friends? Why not congratulate them with a gifted loot box or two.

Overwatch players can now gift friends loot boxes as part of Blizzard’s new gifting function on the revamped Blizzard app. The feature is available through Blizzard’s new social tab, which is right next to the games tab in the application.

When buying loot boxes, players now have the option to send them to others on their friends list. The recipient will have to redeem the loot box once it’s been sent over.

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World of Warcraft pets and mounts and Hearthstone card packs can also be gifted to friends through the new social features. Alongside the new gifting function, players can now chat in different channels through voice and text, create profiles, and appear offline—which is one of Blizzard’s most requested features.

All of Blizzard’s new social features are live now—all it takes is an update to

Don’t worry if you don’t have friends to send you loot boxes—if you’ve got Twitch Prime. Overwatch players with Twitch Prime memberships can unlock free loot boxes until Nov. 10.

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