Overwatch League teams tease alternate jersey designs

If you dislike the home or away jerseys for your favorite team, a third option may be on the horizon.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

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Stage three of the Overwatch League begins in two days, and the league seems to be preparing a “third jersey” line for fans. Multiple teams have posted mysterious cropped pictures on Twitter that appear to show alternate jersey designs.

Earlier today, the Los Angeles Valiant posted a picture of the lower half of a jersey. The cropped Valiant logo can be seen, but in a different color: Teal, like the color of their parent company, Immortals Gaming Club. The Los Angeles Gladiators quickly followed up with a similar photo, showing a white and purple jersey.

Over the next hour, Overwatch League teams released their “teaser” photos in a planned sequence to hype fans up. The Philadelphia Fusion were up next with a vertical black and white striped design that instantly started getting comments about being a referee jersey. Toronto Defiant’s design is also black and white, but features words in both Korean and English to reflect the team’s diversity.

The Houston Outlaws went with a design full of greens, while the London Spitfire are thinking pink. Paris Eternal have gone for what appears to be a minimalist design since nothing but black is visible in their teaser photo. Many fans are excited for the Atlanta Reign’s full reveal since the team has taken inspiration from their Georgia roots: Their jersey involves a whole lot of peach.

As is standard in the Overwatch League, some teams start having way too much fun with “serious” reveals. The Shanghai Dragons delivered arguably the best photo of the day with a hand-drawn version of their possible jersey design. The San Francisco Shock played upon the “mysterious” quality of other team’s designs by posting their photo, but with the entire jersey taken out in Photoshop.

The tags that are shown in each reveal could give a hint as to what the jerseys are about. Each jersey has the Overwatch League logo and a box that says “3K MMXIX,” referring to the year 2019. It’s followed by a box that says the size of the jersey, as well as “Grandmaster.” That’s the highest achievable level in Overwatch‘s competitive mode, and might be the name of the line we’re seeing here.

While the release of the jersey teasers has the Overwatch League community hyped up, social media is also having a field day with the photos. No teams revealed the identities of the players who are “modeling” the jerseys, leading Twitter to spend the day guessing who they were based on their arms. The questionable angle also led many people, like popular Overwatch streamer Fran, to crack a mildly NSFW joke about what the league is really selling here.

No information has been released about the line of alternate jerseys. The Overwatch League starts up again with stage three on June 6 at 6pm CT, which would be a perfect time to give fans some concrete information on these designs.