Overwatch League opens poll for Countdown Cup viewer reward skin

It's up to players to determine what hero receives the Epic OWL-exclusive skin this time.

Zenyatta Spartan Kick
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Countdown Cup is well underway in the Overwatch League, meaning the 2021 OWL Playoffs are just around the corner. Once more, the OWL is rewarding players who tune in for the matches of the Countdown Cup in the form of a fan-voted Epic skin to commemorate the last tournament of the 2021 season before Playoffs.

The Overwatch League’s official Twitter account has opened a poll asking players what Epic skin they would like to see gifted to them for watching the Countdown Cup. The choices this time around are Pharah, Orisa, Zenyatta, and Sombra. The winning hero will be announced when the poll closes before being given to any player that tunes into the Countdown Cup for at least four hours.

This OWL skin vote follows the polls in the previous May Melee, June Joust, and Summer Showdown. The previous winners of the skin polls were Ana, Mercy, and D.Va, who each received an OWL-exclusive skin that was only available for players that watched four hours of the respective OWL tournament. 

Alongside the skin offered to players for free, the OWL also releases a new Legendary skin for each part of the season that can be purchased for Overwatch League tokens. Previous recipients for these premium skins were MM-Mei, Ange de la Morte Widowmaker, and Haroeris Ana. The Legendary skin accompanying the Countdown Cup has yet to be revealed.

Players can receive the OWL-exclusive skin for the hero that wins this poll by watching four hours of the Overwatch League on YouTube. In order to qualify for the skin, players must link their Battle.net account to their YouTube account by heading to their settings, clicking the “connected apps” option, and choosing Battle.net.

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